Hazard Assessment/Hazard Analysis

Hazard assessment or hazard analysis is a process used to ensure that the risks of a job are identified and understood as much as possible before the task in order to reduce risk and maintain a safe working environment. The objective is to be proactive versus reactive and provide the best means of controlling or eliminating the risk.

We use this approach when performing Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)/Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA) as they are used as a great communication tool for the workgroup, an effective means of training employees, and even a great technique to use when performing incident investigations. A JSA/JHA/JSEA is formed by separating the job into basic working steps, identifying the hazards associated with each step, and documenting how to mitigate the hazards that are identified.

Hazard Assessment and Hazard Analysis enables your company to establish written boundaries for what exactly is being done and what exactly will be done and from there we can help you develop a Work Permitting Process and Management of Change Process. Contact Accurate today for your Hazard Assessment!

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